Product Marketing

At the heart of all successful businesses sit products and services that people want to buy. In an ideal world, you would use market research to find out what your customers want and then design products to suit them. In reality, product management starts with existing products, and improves on them. But the principle still applies – good product marketing looks for ways to adapt and promote products to match customer requirements.

Product Marketing Services We Offer

The job is to bring products to market which includes everything from setting the positioning and messaging and thinking about the competitive landscape, to running product launches and determining how to drive demand and usage.  It is the art and science of conveying to people what your product can do for them by engaging, converting and retaining.

Product Marketing Function

resources and tools

Marketplace Research

positioning and competitive landscape

Value Proposition Development

the product story

Product Identity

features, benefits and USPs

Product Testing

internal and external

Product-Focused Content

sales enablement toolkit

Product Launch

go-to-market and execution

"Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers."

Seth Godin