The Brief

For 25 years Dawn Lister, a writer, yoga teacher and visionary, has been sharing the secrets of mindfulness, transforming the lives of everyday people with straight-forward, relevant and easy-to-adopt techniques. Dawn wanted to extend her brand beyond London and Essex, and effectively offer her wellbeing products globally, but … she didn’t know where to start! Sea Level provided a comprehensive marketing framework which began with establishing a clear brand identity before moving onto product development and a go-to-market plan. Via a series of brand workshops, we unearthed the essence of the new business, developed audience persons, established its identity and name, as well as developed the key brand themes, messages and tone of voice. Dawn’s start-up is ready to take flight!

“The insight, expertise and guidance provided by Sea Level was fantastic. I’m so impressed by their skills and approach and I’ve loved the brand journey they took me on. It’s been eye-opening to think about the business from a marketing-led viewpoint, and we now have the strong foundations for a successful business with a clear brand identity and proposition. I’m so grateful!”Dawn Lister, Business Owner