Rich Contacts: The Brief

Rich Contacts is a UK-based B2B prospecting service provider with an established client base across many sectors. As is the case with many B2B businesses, buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth and referrals when making their buying decisions. Rich Contacts has an army of willing brand advocates, but needed to find written ways to showcase the fantastic results their clients experienced.

Our Work

Sea Level was approached to develop compelling, credible and easy-to-consume case studies. From recorded podcasts, we were able to extract the challenges faced by their clients, the approach taken by Rich Contacts to generate leads, and the end results. Including quotations from clients, qualitative and quantitative information, the case studies provide strong, clear and authentic evidence and will be powerful tools in the sales kitbag.

The Results

“Sea Level produced impactful content which will influence deals at all stages of the sales funnel and could be the deal clincher. They have the experience and expertise to craft powerful stories that resonate with prospects. If anyone else is looking to build a customer advocacy program, look no further than Sea Level.”

Simon Watson, MD & Founder, Rich Contacts