Are You a B2B Tech Marketer?

Are You a B2B Tech Marketer?

What do we know about B2B marketing within the tech industry? It’s not too dissimilar to marketing in other industries. If you are selling to and engaging with B2B tech companies or B2B companies, you need to understand what content, messaging and media will be of interest to them and when.

It doesn’t sound too complicated. Right?

B2B marketers face significant challenges and everyone wants to see tangible results – fast. You need to beat the competition, unlock growth for your company, work closely with sales (mmm…) and bring creative genius to every campaign with the precision and timing of a Swiss watch (often with limited resources).

Asked and Answered

We are launching The B2B Tech Marketing Series to ask and answer your questions and help you to do a challenging job even better. Perhaps you would like to tackle account-based marketing (ABM) or have made a stilted start? Maybe you find the blurred lines between sales and marketing responsibility difficult and would like to implement clear processes that relieve the tension, encourage alignment and (dare we say it) enjoyment?

The first article within The B2B Tech Marketing Series is going to tackle that very subject. Marketing can help sales to move prospects through the sales funnel with tailored and timely marketing and content. However, the two teams may not be aligned and opportunities are missed – opportunities that are vital to the tech vendor/buyer relationship.

We are also going to cover:

  • Product marketing – the art and science of launching products that hit the mark
  • ABM – shifting the mindset from quick wins to longer more valuable deals
  • Humanising B2B – how today’s buyers engage and when content kills leads
  • Power of advocacy – potentially your largest untapped salesforce
  • The modern marketer – the top skills you need to thrive in marketing
  • PR that moves the needle – why you need results-driven PR
  • Measuring success – the top metric you need to focus on
  • Campaign principles – how to create award-winning campaigns
  • Brand activism – does your marketing need to be ‘woke’
  • The death of annual planning – how to align strategy in an agile world
  • Removing silos in marketing – tools that help your team do their best work, together

We warmly invite your input and direction. Specifically, the B2B tech marketers, but all B2B marketers: what are the daily challenges that you face? The niggly stuff that crops up week-to-week and keeps you up at night?

Please drop your chosen B2B marketing challenge or topic into the comments and we look forward to your commentary and input as we move through the series – answering your questions along the way.