Creativity With a Winning Dash of Secret Sauce…

Creativity With a Winning Dash of Secret Sauce…

Truly chart-topping marketing campaigns are the stuff B2B marketers dream of. They cement your credentials, define your career and leave a hugely satisfied smile on your face (not to mention your clients).

You know a winning campaign when you see one. Just like a Hollywood A-lister – it oozes charm and charisma and everyone wants a slice. But what does the winning formula look like and can you peel back its layers and grab some blockbuster charm?

Sure you can. And here’s how:

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day. Is a successful, process-driven formula applied each and every time? Not so much. A lucrative campaign is no accident. But many B2B marketers – creative juices flowing – are so keen to get working on the campaign and evolve their lightbulb idea that they skip the 7 key marketing campaigns principles. Would we say the 7 principles are the secret elixir of successful campaigns? Yes, we would. Used repeatedly at Sea Level and for our many B2B tech clients – we have honed a process that cultivates some seriously killer campaigns.

Keen to unearth the secrets; our founder Sarah Sutton was invited to divulge the 7 marketing campaign principles on The Business Marketing Club Podcast.

Whether you’re launching a new app, boosting engagement, building a following, or promoting a product – an idea is just the start. You can have the best product on the market, but that is no guarantee of success. The most important aspect is being able to reach your audience and resonate – particularly in tech marketing with such a busy, distracted and choosy audience. Snackable marketing, ‘always on’ campaigns, burst campaigns – having a hyper-relevant message that truly hits home allows you to sit back and enjoy A-list results.

We’re not ones to hog our knowledge so sit back, grab a coffee and check out the 7 (formerly secret) steps for success on the BMC Marketing Podcast now!

Happy listening!

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