Energyneering: The Brief

Energyneering is a leading renewable EPCM engineering company that specialises in the design, procurement, construction and maintenance of some of South Africa’s leading renewable energy systems. It is able to help companies reduce energy costs, improve efficiencies whilst achieving optimum returns on their investment. Energyneering wanted to get their firm on the radar of companies in the industrial, commercial and private sectors and looked to Sea Level for support.

Our Work

The copywriting team at Sea Level worked closely with Patrick to put together tactical campaigns to boost brand awareness. From direct mail to social posts, Sea Level has helped the business drive ROI.

The Results

“Impactful and relevant social media and designated direct mail campaigns have resulted in a higher awareness for the company coupled with a considerable increase in product take-off across all sectors. Highly satisfying!”

Patrick Lamusse, Marketing Director, Energyneering (Pty) Ltd