About Sea Level Marketing Consultancy

Our Values

Trusting us

Once we’ve committed to a project, we’ll do what we say we’ll do. If this means working nights to meet the deadline, that’s what we’ll do. You can trust us to deliver.

Working fairly

Our pricing is fair and competitive. If we’re working on a time & materials basis, we’ll be completely honest about the hours we work. You won’t get any “surprises”.

True to our values

We won’t take on work against our value set. We won’t advertise for cigarette companies, and we won’t work with narrow-minded politicians. And we’re OK with that.

Hardworking bunch

We work with energy and commitment. We like to have to fun, but we also know when to buckle down and get the job done.

Meet the Team

Meet the consulting team that makes it happen…

A perfect mix of industry specialists with experience across all marketing disciplines and customer vertical markets. It’s fair to say, you’re in safe hands.


Sarah Sutton


Sarah is a senior marketing director with more than 15 years B2B marketing, communications and customer service experience.


Carl Richardson

Senior Copywriter

Carl is an award-winning copy writer, author and creative director whose career spans over 30 years.

Mariette Cloete

Advertising and Media

Mariette is a specialist in television production and media buying – she produces and places programmes for various networks around the world.


Simon Waller


Simon is a highly-acclaimed filmmaker and photographer specialising in branded content, documentary and short form, high quality films.


Lottie Coltman


Lottie is a wordsmith with a passion for engaging copy and brings a background in editorial, B2B and B2C writing.