The Rise of the Client/Agency Relationship

The Rise of the Client/Agency Relationship

Ask any client how they feel about marketing agencies and their response is based on past experience – the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Whether it’s an ABM project, marketing campaign, or product launch – how you get along is make or break for you both.

Like any good relationship – trust, honesty and a little wooing never hurt anyone. Relationships left in auto-pilot crash and burn. It’s in no one’s interest for your client/agency relationship to wind up in marketing divorce. It is time-consuming, halts progress and leaves your campaigns languishing.

Client/Agency marital bliss:

  1. No agency is an island – treat and onboard your agency like they are your own team
  2. Safely share office space, share meetings, share ideas, share cake
  3. Inject some instant project visibility and save a hefty amount of time by sharing your marketing agency’s slick work management tool
  4. Be open to new ideas – you didn’t hire a marketing agency to keep doing the same old thing – utilise their creativity and take advantage of fresh #inspiration
  5. Open dialogue is a must – create a space where you can freely explore ideas, styles, or reservations in a safe, comfortable way
  6. Agree your common goals and what is realistic, achievable and measurable
  7. Talk about your expectations
  8. GET THE BRIEF RIGHT – at Sea Level, we always write the brief together, start as we mean to go on and follow a crystal-clear template   
  9. Once you have laid solid, honest foundations you can weather any situation with the good grace of a team keen to keep succeeding
  10. Be 100% committed to your relationship and your work and results will show it

With success, pressure, creativity and collaboration on the line – we have joined some industry giants to promote an altogether better client/agency relationship.

The B2B Code of Conduct is a solid, structured process that will form the basis of all Sea Level Communication client relationships and ensure the client is king (or queen).

What’s the best kind of client/ agency relationship?

A prosperous, happy one.

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