The Top 5 Free Resources for B2B Marketers Right Now

The Top 5 Free Resources for B2B Marketers Right Now

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or entirely new to the gig, our current global remote setup is somewhat unique, to say the least. COVID-19 has brought about many challenges, but remote B2B marketing needn’t be one of them.

Digital businesses contributed £118 billion towards the UK economy and grew 50% faster (at the last count) and that was all long before COVID-19 made an unwelcome appearance. Like it or not, it is the survival of the digitally fit. Tech and B2B marketers are sought to support demanding business and revenue goals with tactful, creative, powerful strategies that will help businesses thrive and survive.

To support the B2B marketing community and #staysane, we have collated the best free resources to support you whilst you work from home, plan for the future and continue to deliver campaigns that pack a punch.

  • The Business Marketing Club (BMC) is designed specifically for B2B marketers. This interactive weekly webinar will banish any remote working blues and keep you in the know. Look forward to B2B marketing advice, challenges and on-point guidance for handling the Coronavirus crisis. Access it here.
  • Free reports, downloads, insights, ABM, trends and more; B2B Marketing remains the go-to site for B2B marketers. They are also now conveniently adding helpful COVID-19 guidance and (much needed) morale-boosting tips.
  • Owler is dedicated to tracking COVID-19 company and business updates for us. From testing kits and collaborations through to virtual workshops for SMEs, find out what the digital big guns are up to during this crisis and beyond. Because even in times of crisis, we still need to keep an eye on our competition.
  • This is the resource centre, not just for B2B marketers, but anyone looking to use this time to add to and update their skillset. Leadership skills, podcasts, tools and articles, Franklin Covey make self-investment simple. And best of all, it’s free!
  • I have never made a business blunder. Said no one. Ever. This clever little podcast from renowned author Elizabeth Day, sheds entertaining light on the times it’s gone horribly wrong and importantly, how to transform past failures into future success. Anyone feel like their 2020 marketing activity isn’t quite going to plan? Here’s the inspiration you need to turn it around.

And remember, we’re all in this together.

Stay connected, stay safe, stay home and stay well.

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