Need to Level-up Your Content? Interactive Infographics have the Power…

Need to Level-up Your Content? Interactive Infographics have the Power…

Reams of insensitive ads and campaigns have been pulled. Face-to-face events are off the menu. Aggressive lead generation is officially parked. B2B marketing was always a tough gig, but thanks to Covid-19 the pressure is truly on.

With the initial rush of panic content over, the savvy marketer is leading with empathy, stability, resilience and the content techniques to match. Podcasts, interactive infographics…they can replicate former F2F engagement and help you stand out in the overcrowded, ‘digital-first’ era.

81% of marketers report that interactive content is considerably more effective at grabbing people’s attention than static content. Sure, static content is cheaper to produce and more common, but we are visually wired and amid an information overload. Your audience is choosy, expectant, demanding. They want a content experience. Pan, toggle, zoom in…interactive infographics snap your audience to attention and are winning the digital content wars. Although they cost slightly more to produce, there’s a reason (actually several) why they’re so effective.

We have rounded up some hardworking interactive infographics for you to review:

  1. Literally popping off the page, this interactive infographic brings the message home loud and clear…kudos to Information is Beautiful for their interactive digital style.
  2. Ceros delivers a powerhouse of visual stimulation with this clever infographic that connects the dots.
  3. The Guardian banish boring content and provide some seriously detailed data that you can control and absorb to your heart’s content.

Polls, quizzes and ROI calculators are yet more examples of clever content tactics. Why encourage your audience to simply read when they can interact, control, manipulate and take exactly what they want from you?

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Stay connected, stay safe, stay home and stay well.

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